I’m doing a ‘photo a day’ challenge over on Instagram, and today’s topic was ‘Something That Sparkles’. So I took this photo of my two main pieces of jewelry: my wedding ring, and my star sapphire ring. I’m posting it here just because I really like the way the photo turned out.

My wedding ring is an Irish wedding band. The Wife has an Irish band too, although hers is styled slightly differently. We got each ring set with each other’s birthstone, so those amethysts are her birthstone. Her ring has mine (sapphire).

The star sapphire ring was a Christmas gift from The Girlfriend (now The Wife) in 1996, which was the last Christmas for us as a dating couple, as we were married five months later in May 1997. I’ve always loved that ring.

Due to the nature of my day job, I never wear my rings to work. I’m afraid that some of the things I do might damage them. I keep on the lookout for a cheap ‘alternate’ ring to wear to work, but I never see any that I like all that much.

Anyway, that’s my ‘bling’, as it were. And now that I have used the word ‘bling’ on my blog, the earth is that much closer to the Apocalypse!

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