Starry Night

We’ve had a relative rarity the last few nights: clear skies. This area has been abnormally cloudy the last six weeks or so; we went an absurdly large number of days without seeing the sun, and of course, seeing the moon and stars was also a no-go.

But the clouds have moved on at last–as I write this the sun is setting now–and the other night I got these two photos of the night sky, with my phone. First is my beloved Orion the Hunter, with Canis Major and Sirius visible to his left:

Next I was able to get a shot of the Pleiades star cluster. This photo didn’t turn out super well, but it’s still cool that I walk around with a gizmo that can capture a shot of a star cluster that isn’t very well visible to the naked eye. The Pleiades are the small blob of five stars in the center of the photo.

Here’s what the Pleiades look like in all their glory:



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