Still here….

 I know, another stretch of radio silence. And it’s for the usual reasons! Busy at work, lots of writing tasks to complete, and last weekend and this coming weekend are long weekends for me, with lots of fun and exciting stuff, like our annual trip to Ithaca (though no Apple Festival, thanks to COVID), and a wonderful visit by my sister last weekend.

Also, I’m not gonna lie, folks, the impending election is taking up more and more of my brain cycles, the closer it comes. I try to maintain my optimism, but part of my brain keeps thinking about that scene from Schindler’s List, when Schindler is bidding what he thinks is a final farewell to Itzhak Stern after the orders have come down to send everyone off to Auschwitz.

SCHINDLER: Someday…this is all going to end, you know. I was going to say that we’ll have a drink then.

STERN: [reaches for glass] I think I’d better have it now.

And Schindler pours his unlikely friend and comrade a drink, as neither expects to see the other ever again.

I’m hoping, folks. I’m hoping.

On a somewhat cheerier, but also macabre, note, here’s the most recent addition to my collection of Toby jugs. It’s Anne Boleyn, whose fate is shown by the fact that the handle of the jug is the headsman’s handle, with his hood.

No, YOU bought a Toby jug in the shape of Anne Boleyn, with the executioner's axe as the handle. #AnneBoleyn #TobyJug #antiquing

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2 Responses to Still here….

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Yeah. I write ahead, but I've been averaging about a post every two days. Good thing I write ahead.
    The one thing I am almost certain of. I won't know the results of the election when I get up on Nov 4. Per your post, I may start drinking about now.

  2. Jason says:

    Glad you're still about. I've been struggling lately too… busier than ever at the day job and doomscrolling when I should be doing other things. I like the new addition.

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