Roger has some good linkage relating to the Hollywood writers’ strike. SamuraiFrog also has some pithy observations, mostly relating to Michael Eisner, who said something dumb.

Obviously, I support the strike, for whatever that’s worth. (I imagine all those picketing writers suddenly letting loose a whoop and holler of delight upon learning that some blogger from Buffalo who gets about 300 hits a day is on their side.) Once you’ve read William Goldman’s books Adventures in the Screen Trade and Which Lie Did I Tell?, you quickly realize that Hollywood management is largely comprised of people who would steal the coins from a dead man’s eyes. So yeah, a pox on their house.

Pay your writers, guys. They’re why your actors have stuff to say when the camera’s pointing at them.

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2 Responses to Striker!

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Or some blogger in Albany who gets about 200 hits a day.
    But I swear- there are people who’ve been writing to United Hollywood who either complain about the strike (get back to work!) or seem not to understand it. I thought WGA’s laid it out pretty well. The thing I was most upset with them, actually, is when they took the DVD residuals OFF the table.

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    Oh, I hope you’ve recovered from that exploding head thing. Tosy thinks Spider-Man 3 is the best superhero movie? I haven’t seen it, yet I can feel my cerebrum start to shake.

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