Stringing the words together

So, the tough part of getting Princesses In SPACE!!! published continues: I’ve been querying agents, and have yet to hear any responses yet, either yay or nay. So we’ll see. This is long-form nerve-wracking, folks. It’s like fishing, only instead of fish, I’m trying to catch an agent. And instead of a worm, at the end of the hook is my freaking life. Ayup. But all I can do is keep sending out the queries, one by one by one!

As for other projects, I haven’t been doing any writing of late, and it’s time to stop being such a doofus about that. My NaNoWriMo project, Deliverance, eh? (not the actual title), is still unfinished, so that’s what I’ll be getting back to first. After that? Either a return to Lighthouse Boy (not the actual title), or Princesses Still In SPACE!!! (also not the actual title).

What it all boils down to, I suppose, is that I dream of being able to refer to any of these projects by their actual titles. One day, oh yes, one day….

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