No updates in a few weeks! But it’s been a really busy month. Here are some notes on recent antics in my world:

  1. Remember, THE WISDOMFOLD PATH is out! I haven’t finished the Nook formatting yet, but I hope to have that done in the next few days. Got you copy yet? No? GET WITH IT, PEOPLE!!!
  2. I redesigned Byzantium’s Shores, my personal blog. The old template was looking increasingly clunky in my eyes, so I finally cleaned it up a bit. Also, now that NaNoWriMo is over and the book is launched and whatnot, I should be able to post more reliably there.
  3. We took a vacation in New York City! That pretty much killed my writing time for six days, but I figured that would happen, so I accounted for it. I did get some work done on the trip, enough so as to not completely lose momentum. I’ve been posting photos of the trip to Flickr, with blog posts over on Byzantium’s Shores annotating the journey. Follow along!
  4. Regarding NaNoWriMo: I am now 2-2 in my NaNo participation: two wins each of the first two years, and two losses the last couple of years. Ouch! I expected this year to be tough, but I was pretty much on target right up until the last day or two before we embarked for NYC, so I feel pretty good that I would have made 50000 words with no problem had that trip not happened. And NaNoWriMo, as much as I love you and look forward to you each year, I love travel with my family more! (And besides, the whole point isn’t to beat yourself up about making 50K anyway. The point is to show prospective writers how the whole “goal-setting” thing works.)
  5. What’s up now? Well, this month there’s Christmas and the new Star Wars movie (which I continue to believe should have been released next May, because Star Wars movies should always come out in May), and it’s time to start revising Forgotten Stars III, which I can already safely say is going to be a lot harder than reworking the first two books. The first draft isn’t exactly a mess, but I’ve had time to think a lot about certain aspects of that book since I finished the draft, and…well, there’s a ton of heavy lifting ahead, so much so that I’m a little worried about making next November’s hopeful release date.

That’s about all for right this second. More stuff to come, though! I actually have some posts already written and awaiting their loading here. Stay tuned, Stardancers!



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