Sun-dappled leaves, and other pursuits

Some photos from a recent trek to Knox Farm….

I love the full-screen shots I can take with my phone.

One of my favorite things about walking in the woods is the way the sunlight breaks through in spots, dappling the forest floor in pools of golden light while other spots remain shrouded. Here are several shots of just that:

Two shots of the Dumas Bridge, first from the southeast end, and then from the northwest. Same place, same camera, but two different vantage points make for very different moods in the photos!

Yes, I photographed a couple of photographers. I saw them several times on this particular walk. They were intently photographing things up close with those long-lensed cameras. (I enjoy my photography, but not enough to gear up to that degree…though occasionally I do find it tempting to try to move beyond the limitations of my phone’s cameras, amazing as they are, and my now seven-year-old point-and-shoot camera.)

Toward the end of our visit this big military plane flew overhead. I’m not sure what kind of plane this is.

Two adventurers, one of whom is thinking about the bowl of water and the air conditioning in the car.


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3 Responses to Sun-dappled leaves, and other pursuits

  1. David Rupp says:

    I do enjoy the Dumas Bridge photos (and the ones you have posted in ages past). They give me a pleasant sense of Going Forth, though I know not where.
    The airplane may be a C-17, judging from the horizontal stabilizer mounted high on the tail and the little winglets on the ends of the wings. But it could be a C-5, or perhaps something completely different.

    • ksedinger says:

      Thanks for weighing in re: the planes! My knowledge of military aircraft basically amounts to pointing and saying, “Hey look! A military aircraft!” They’re always exciting to see in flight, though.

  2. Roger says:

    ;looks bucolic

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