Sunday Burst

Strange and weird and oh so awesome!

:: First, something downright scary: Adolf Hitler’s official photographer managed to save shots he had taken (which Hitler had ordered destroyed) of Hitler practicing his wildly-gesticulating speaking style. No crowds, no audiences at all…just Hitler in a room, wearing a suit a banker might wear, rehearsing his techniques for capturing the imagination of a beaten and broken nation. Hitler’s evil was so pronounced that it’s often hard to come to terms with the fact that he was a guy who worked at it.

:: Watch this in HD, in the bigscreen version. I also muted it and played other music while I watched it. I guy piloted a drone into the middle of a fireworks display.


(I’ve seen this video linked and featured in a number of places, and in each instance, there’s a debate in comments as to whether or not this was actually a dangerous and potentially illegal thing to do in the first place. I honestly don’t know, on either count.)

:: Cal collects a sequence of comic strips and titles the sequence, “Cat Owners Will Undertand”. Yup, I do indeed understand!

More next week!

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