Sunday Burst of Oddity and All-Around Foolery!


:: I like to think I won’t be too incensed when any of my books gets a bad review or two on the Internet. In fact, I’m planning to read as few reviews as possible…but just in case I need a reminder of how not to respond to a negative review, here’s just such a reminder. The review is the body of the post, and then the author shows up in the comments. And by “shows up”, I mean, he moves in with a couch and everything.

:: If the kids in Stand By Me had thought of this, they would have been home in time for dinner. Just sayin’.

:: I’m loath to admit this, but…I was never a fan of Joan Rivers. I get where her humor came from, but a lot of the time — and especially in the last ten to fifteen years or so — her humor, which always struck me as firmly rooted in anger, stopped being humor at all and just became pure anger. However, I grant that my familiarity with Rivers is mostly a series of snapshots, and for the most part, she only came on my radar when she got noticed for saying something mean, so I concede that my impression of her is less than fair.

However, I must salute her thusly: one time in the 1980s, she had Soupy Sales on her late-night talk show, and she uncorked this fine moment:

More next week!

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