Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome!

Oddities and Awesome abound! They never stop. Nosiree Bob, never at all.

:: John Scalzi has come up with a creative response to a bizarre nitwit who has developed an even more bizarre fixation upon him. I find the whole thing really funny (and will likely kick a few shekels in myself at some point).

:: Is your cat really a dog? I can relate to a few of these!

(Via Lynn, who always manages to find nifty linkage.)

:: OK, a little set-up for this. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, there was a cable teevee channel in Upstate New York called the Empire Sports Network. This channel was devoted to, well, sports stuff pertaining to Upstate teams and interests, such as Buffalo Sabres games, Syracuse University sports, and the like. They also did a lot of locally-produced teevee shows featuring commentary on the Buffalo Bills, often featuring players and coaches themselves (this was when the Bills were actually good). One such figure was head coach Marv Levy, who actually had his own show on the network.

Well, one week, apparently Coach Levy promised his squad that if they beat the Miami Dolphins, he would write — and sing — a fight song for the Bills on his teevee show. They did just that, and…well, if you were a Bills fan in the 90s, you remember this. Maybe fondly. More likely…not so much.

I love the shots of the audience — some of them are giving it their all, while others are clearly thinking, “OMG, this is they guy who coached them to four straight Super Bowls?!”. A fun piece of sports ephemera from a happier time, I suppose!

More next week!

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