Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: OK, this thing is already viral, so you’ve almost certainly seen it. But if you haven’t, witness one of the finer acts of marriage proposing in a long time.

It’s thirty-one years since I last saw Portland, OR, but wow, do I still miss it.

(My favorite thing about this? The punning of ‘dancing juice’ and ‘dancing Jews’.)

:: This photo (stolen from Tumblr) confirms, on several levels, that the Golden Age of Science Fiction is, in fact, 12.

::  Well, I have a new contender for Worst Thing I Have Ever Seen. There was a disturbing black-comedy book some years ago called 101 Uses For a Dead Cat, which was a set of cartoons depicting…exactly that. I have no idea if this (video not in English, but it doesn’t matter) was one of the 101 uses. Nor do I wish to know. I just…you know what, on this one, my descriptive powers are utterly defied. The gob, she is smacked!

More next week. Maybe. That last one has me rethinking this whole enterprise.

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