Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome!

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: One thing that gets made fun of a lot about Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is the long, anguished cry of “Nooooooooo!” that Darth Vader gives when he learns that after all his Dark Side stuff, Padme is dead. This seems to me a great pity, because after all, people giving long, anguished cries of “Nooooooooo!” is a long and proud tradition from the movies.

:: Overquoted movies. I agree on some of these — the insatiable need some folks feel to endlessly recite the same couple of quotes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail at the Renaissance Faire is a longtime source of irritation of mine, but generally…I like it when people quote movies. I do try to go for more obscure quotes, though — when quoting The Princess Bride, for example, it’s fun to list a long list of things I have to do, and then wrap it up with, “I have a wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it. I’m swamped.” Or, when someone questions whether I can do something, to grin and say, “Ahh, but I am not left-handed!”

All for this week!

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