Sunday Burst of Weird and AWESOME!

Oddities and awesome abound!

:: Wikipedia has an article on chicken hypnotism. Seriously. Make sure you scroll down to the list of famous people who have publicly discussed their preferred methods of hypnotizing chickens.

:: On the day that Albert Einstein died, a LIFE Magazine photographer took a bunch of pictures from Einstein’s office and at the funeral. The photographs were never published, until now. Einstein’s desk is particularly poignant to me — the desk is covered in papers and there’s still stuff scrawled all over his blackboard, but the uppermost bookshelves are already empty. The scene suggests a guy trying to get some work done before the end, and he didn’t quite make it.

:: For some reason I almost never read The Onion — no real idea why, other than that I’ve never formed the habit of checking it out — but this headline, cited by a Facebook friend this morning, cracked me up. I know it’s almost ten years old, but it’s new to me.

:: is always a source of hilarity for me; I tend to go there once every couple of weeks so I can read a lot of new content in one shot. I particularly enjoyed 6 baffling things every teevee ad assumes to be true, and the 10 greatest fictional sports.

More next week!

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  1. Green Stone says:

    Those Einstein pics are so touching and sad but so interesting at the same time.

    I love both the Onion and Cracked, so hilarious! Have you seen the Onion video from their 'International Desk' about China's Andy Rooney? I posted it a while back and it makes me crack up every time.

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