Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: What happened when a guy forgot to send his girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift. Oh my Goodness Gracious!

:: Being in maintenance for a living, I get to hear a lot of jokes about duct tape, which has a reputation of being useful for everything. I find that amusing, because it turns out that I almost never use duct tape for anything! But anyway, here’s an artist for whom duct tape is a medium, as well as other mundane objects. Wow.

:: Here’s the type of thing I wish I would think of first: The Record Books, or, if classic albums had been books instead. Here’s how he sums up a Celine Dion album-turned-book:

Pleasantly perky pop-psychology paperback positing prolonged pillow-time produces positive paranormal powers. Poppycock.

Further reading from the same author: Let’s Talk About Love, A New Day Has Come, One Heart, Miracle, Taking Chances, and Water and a Flame, dealing with the oral orgasm (oralgasm), ‘real-birth’, soul-mate divination through exsanguination, post-menopause childbirth, mid-life crisis continuity management and, finally, recipes for ‘mental-healthy’ eating.


More next week!

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