Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome!!!

Oddities and Awesome abound! And since it’s Halloween, these are all associated with…Halloween. Huzzah!

::  First of all…well, I can’t even come up with a lead-in to do this personal ad (I assume from Craigslist) justice.

(Seen on Tumblr).

::  If you were cognizant of reality during the 1980s and early 1990s, you recall Gary Larson’s comic strip The Far Side. Which wasn’t even really a ‘strip’ per se, since it was almost always a single panel of surreal, occasionally twisted, and sporadically incomprehensible humor. Well, apparently in 1994 there was actually an animated Far Side teevee special that aired a single time, not to be seen again except on a DVD that was markedly different from the broadcast version. I had no idea that the show existed until last night, when I saw it mentioned on MeFi. Details, with links to actually download the thing, here. I haven’t watched it yet. You bet I will, though!

::  The other night on Twitter, one trending topic was “Rejected Peanuts Specials”. Here are a few that I thought were pretty funny:

You’re a horcrux, Charlie Brown

It’s the Great Depression, Charlie Brown

Republicans fired your teacher, Charlie Brown

Snoopy Didin’t Really Go To Live On A Farm, Charlie Brown

The World Is Run By Jews, Charlie Brown

And so we beat on, boats against the current borne ceaselessly back into the past, Charlie Brown

They’re Burning a Cross On Franklin’s Lawn Again, Charlie Brown

It’s an Intervention, Charlie Brown

Your Teacher’s Voice is Going to Keep Sounding Like a Muted Trumpet Until You Quit the Shrooms, Charlie Brown

The Difference in Size Between Your Enormous Head and Tiny Body Will Lead to Orthopaedic Problems, Charlie Brown

It’s A Good Thing You Never Grow Up Because Corporations Gutted Our Economy and Left Us Jobless, Charlie Brown

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Charlie Brown

It’s Chinatown, Charlie Brown

Put the Lotion in the Basket, Charlie Brown

And of course, I had to submit a few of my own….

Meet Scott Norwood, Charlie Brown!

Blood Spatter and GSR at the Van Pelts’ — CSI: Charlie Brown

Here’s Your Red Shirt, Ensign Brown! A Peanuts/Star Trek Crossover

I like the CSI: Charlie Brown notion, personally…I can totally see David Caruso in that.

“Quite the murder scene, Horatio.”

“Yes, Frank. Six victims. All children with enormous heads. One of them, a girl, holding a football.”

“Hey, H!”

“Yes, Eric?”

“Look at these little footprints all over. Almost like a little bird was flitting around the crime scene.”

“Could be, Eric. And the bodies seem to have been riddled with…ammunition from a World War I biplane. Hey Calleigh? Take this green blanket down to the lab. There might be DNA on that.”

“Sure, Horatio. I can’t believe this crime scene. Do you think the killer is somewhere nearby?”

“I do, and when we find him, he’s gonna say, [puts on sunglasses] ‘Good Grief’.”

[Smash cut to ROGER DALTREY SCREAM and opening credits]

More next week!

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  1. says:

    I don't usually say "OMG" but that ad made me blurt it out repeatedly. Talk about idiosyncratic.

    I also really like "Are you there God? It's me Charlie Brown."

    Happy Halloween.

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