Sunday Burst of Weird and AWESOME!

Wierdness and Awesome abound!

:: Archaeologists have a new hypothesis regarding the stone giants of Easter Island. Interesting stuff. I’ve always thought it would be neat to see those, if not for the sheer remoteness of the island coupled with the fact that there’s likely little to do there other than look at big stone statues.

:: Illustrations from a Russian edition of The Hobbit. I have to admit that I like these illustrations a great deal. There’s a great deal of charm here:

Note the highly liberal interpretation of a hobbit’s hairy feet. Bilbo’s half ape-man or something!

:: OK, that weird guy on the Dyson commercials needs to stop. Seriously, if he’s that big a techno genius, he needs to use his abilities for stuff that’s actually, you know, important. Sure, it looks kinda nifty, but there is zero need for a room fan that costs $300! This guy is like a supergenius with OCD who has decided to use his abilities to rid the world of all of his personal little pet peeves rather than advancing our world toward its ultimate goal of unlimited energy, flying cars and jetpacks, spaceships coming and going all over the place to our colonies throughout the solar system, and a Super Mario game that doesn’t make me feel stupid. We don’t need bladeless fans! Ye Gods, man! Let go of your anal retention and use your powers for good! (Dyson’s fan first seen at Cal’s place.)

OK, I’m done. More next week!

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