Sunday Stuff

Oddities and amusements for your Sunday pleasure….

:: Hmmmmm:

The man behind me in the queue was trying to be helpful: “It’s true, though, right? They are used as weapons in Asia. I go there a lot and I’ve seen them do it—they’re lethal.” He made a sudden gesture, like Spiderman throwing a web.

I was torn between asking this stranger to unpack his astonishing assertion and trying to prevent the airport security guard from unpacking my luggage. I resolved the impasse by laughing nervously, which had precisely the wrong effect. The security guard studied me suspiciously. “You’ll have to come with me, sir.”

What weapon did this guy try bringing on a plane? Would you believe…a yo-yo?

:: Why Sherman was right to burn Atlanta.

:: New research methods have resulted in Shakespeare’s output going up. Wow. Of course, I’m afraid that if they ever study my stuff, the conclusion will be, “Wow, this dude stole from everything!” Because I did, and do. Im shameless.

More next week!

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  1. Jason says:

    If it makes you feel any better, Shakespeare stole from everything too… he was just really good at putting his own spin on familiar stories… 😀

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