Sunday Stuff

Weirdness and coolness are two sides of the same coin, people.

(Whoa! That’s deep. Or it seems deep but is really shallow.)

First, a picture from Tumblr. This is not an inspiration for anything I’m writing.

I don’t get the “short shorts” thing, nor do those high-heeled boots seem terribly practical wear for a woman who is flying through space with a blaster in each hand….

Second, here’s a list of the most romantic lines from literature.

Third, over the last week there was on Facebook a lot of linking of articles saying that warming your car up is a bad thing to do. On the other hand, here’s an article in defense of this practice. I do start my car and let it run a minute or two before driving, but that’s just it: a minute or two. I’m not letting it run for ten minutes so the insides reach a toasty warmth, but neither am I starting it and then flooring it down the street, either.

More next week!

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One Response to Sunday Stuff

  1. Tonio Kruger says:

    Having once dealt with a cracked engine block brought on in part by my not taking enough time to warm up my car in the wintertime, I must confess that I prefer to err on the side of caution in regard to this subject. But yes, unless you're having to remove an amount of ice or snow from your car that just can't be removed in under ten minutes, ten minutes does seem a bit excessive.

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