Sundays at Chestnut Ridge

Twice in recent weeks I have taken The Dee-oh-gee to Chestnut Ridge on our Sunday adventure-nature walks. Late spring and early summer are great times to go to this particular park, when things haven’t really started to heat up or dry out just yet.

From the top of the sledding hill, you have a wonderful view–if it’s clear–of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, ON in the distance.

Notable here is the Buffalo Skyway, visible at center to the left of downtown, and the white roof of the Ralph Wilson Field House, which is the practice facility for the Buffalo Bills.

(You can see the full-size version here.)

I’ve walked past this spot many, many times–and only yesterday did I notice this old utility pole.

Cue John Denver: “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…!”

I love when sunlight breaks through the canopy, fifty to a hundred feet up, to light up lower trees like this four-foot sapling.

I don’t know if there’s a more evocative sight than a trail winding through the forest.

Two adventurers!

These are from a few weeks ago:

Sun-dappled leaves.

An old well-house. These structures, built by the Works Progress Administration, dot the park.

Brand-new graffiti. I’m glad for Faith and Shane, though I wonder what role cheese has to play in their romance.

A pine dotted with the year’s new growth.

Sunlight, from source to terminus.

One of many streams. This one usually dries up by mid-July.

Cones weighing down the top of this great pine.

The bib pocket on your overalls is a great place for a wildflower or two!

Adventurers, again. A greyhound is a fantastic fashion accessory. (The shirt is from Oahu!)


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  1. Roger says:

    Doesn’t cheese play a part in EVERY romance? Grilled cheese, pizza, Cheetos, punny jokes, the Green Bay Packers…

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