Sunset over Lake Erie

This spring has been odd, even by Buffalo-Niagara standards. We’ve had our usual cruddy spring, but judging by how advanced the trees are right now, it must have been a better than usual spring. We’re usually not this green until around the 15th of May, so we’re a good week-and-a-half ahead of the game. There was an entire week of warmer-than-usual (including our first readings above 80 degrees) a while back…but then that disappeared and we had the more familiar weeks of dank, rainy, and muddy. However, it didn’t get that cold again, and we haven’t seen snow in quite a while. (Not true for people in the hillier country south of Buffalo, but that’s their problem, innit!)

Anyway, we’ve finally reached another extended warm period, with little rain in the forecast. So last night The Wife and I went to dinner at a restaurant that’s right on Lake Erie. We’d been there before, in the dead of winter when it was frightfully cold and windy, but last night was warm and beautiful. As we left the sunset was unfolding.

People around here like to cite Buffalo’s sunsets over water as a particular selling point for our region, and while that’s not going to top the usual concerns people have like good paying jobs and cheap housing and the like, I wouldn’t sell the sunset thing short. We have terrific sunsets here, and yes, if your vantage point is the right one, they’re over water. And while no sunset here is going to make me forget the ones in Oahu anytime soon…these will suffice until I can get back to Waikiki.


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