Symphony Saturday

I know, we missed this feature last week, but fret not! We’re back, with a work I didn’t even know existed until this very morning. It’s the Symphony No. 2, subtitled “Roma”, by Georges Bizet. It’s an interesting piece, with an interesting history. Bizet only lived until he was 36, and he wrote this symphony over an eleven-year period until he was 33, and by all reports, he was still unsatisfied with it and might have done more revision work on it had he not died. The work’s movements were never performed together during his lifetime, and because the symphony is generally viewed as a flawed and incomplete work, it is rarely performed today. But listening this morning, there is music of value here.

Here’s Bizet’s Second Symphony, “Roma”.

Next week we start looking at one of the greatest of all symphonists: Johannes Brahms!

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