“That hurts worse than the uniform!”

A friend sent me this meme today:

And I, of course, took this as an opportunity to exercise my overflow of geekosterone, telling him the story that some actors couldn’t make the Vulcan salute and would get their hands in position, sometimes with the aid of tape or fishing line, and then lift their hand into view when the moment came for their character to make the salute.

Also, the title of this post is a line of Dr. McCoy’s, from the episode “Journey to Babel”, when he and Kirk and Spock are awaiting the arrival of Ambassador Sarek. McCoy asks Spock to demonstrate the Vulcan salute, and McCoy grunts his displeasure at trying to get his fingers to obey.

The Salute was famously created by Leonard Nimoy, taken from a bit of ritual he observed in his youth when he attended services at a Boston synagogue. This is another great example of creative people using anything and everything they observe in the real world. You never know what’s going to be useful!

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