“The Promise of Spring”

Via Leanne Boulton, one of my favorite photographers working today. Boulton resides in Scotland and primarily produces street photography, which is one of my favorite genres. And as great good luck would have it, this photo appears on a day when it’s actually sunny and warm in Buffalo! Since we just had five inches of snow the other morning, I’ll take it.

(I am long on record as loving winter and snow, but my personal cutoff for when I get annoyed by it is St. Patrick’s Day. Once the Irish folk have calmed back down, I’m done with snow. In an act of climatic disobedience, I refused to shovel any of this most recent snow. Screw that, says I! My car can easily drive through it, and as I write this, my driveway is every bit as clear as the people who insisted on shoveling this weekend.)


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