Thirty Day Challenge: Day Five

Favorite Food

Oh, Jeez. Come on, now.

Yup, time for some more cheating:

Behold my pizza skills!

The Popcorn Popper VI

The Chili - finished


Coconut Cream Pies!

Yeah. I like me some food.

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4 Responses to Thirty Day Challenge: Day Five

  1. Green Stone says:

    Holy crap those look delicious! What kind of pie and what's the last dish?

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    The pies are coconut cream. I didn't make them; they were frozen (Sara Lee brand) and thawed out of the box. Then they were, I suppose, consumed in a non-traditional way. (Click through the photo for details! 🙂 I love pie, though, in all its forms, savory or sweet. All the other foods featured here I made myself (well, I didn't make the sausages, but I cooked 'em).

    The last dish is Pastitsio, and it's the best thing I make. I posted the recipe a few years ago, here. It's a Greek dish, a forerunner of lasagna.

  3. Belladonna says:

    HMMM I thought this category was for things you eat, not things you wear. What's that pie doing with all the other meal type stuff?

  4. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Well, I do end up swallowing SOME pie when I'm getting hit in the face with one, right? That's part of the fun of it all!

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