Tone Poem Tuesday

I’ve mentioned this many times, but for several days after 9-11, I was unable to listen to music at all. I am constantly surrounded by music, but for those three or four days, I just couldn’t.

Finally I found my way back to music, and the first piece I listened to was Elegy by Mark Camphouse. I consider this a masterpiece.


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One Response to Tone Poem Tuesday

  1. Roger says:

    I may have mentioned this before, but I actually picked an album on 9/11, Love and Theft by Bob Dylan, its release date, for which I had prepaid. I was riding home on my bicycle at noon (we got sent home early), and I rode by the store. Oddly, I stopped because I didn’t want the store cluttered by my purchase. I stopped in, which had TVs conveying the day’s news.

    But I didn’t play it until six or seven days later. I LOVE that album, in part because it felt like a modicum of normalcy.

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