Tone Poem Tuesday

A bit of film music today, suggested by Sheila O’Malley’s twitter thread from the other day, which she offered in context of much of the discussion about suicide and mental illness following last week’s death of Anthony Bourdain. Basically her friends came together and built the shelves for her books and then unpacked them, after months of their remaining in boxes because Sheila couldn’t handle the job. She blogged about this day many moons ago, in a post that I return to often, but I never knew the very sad backstory behind this whole day. But when she wrote that post I was so enamored of the idea that the day was a barn-raising that I always imagine it with this particular piece of film music by Maurice Jarre. It’s “Building the Barn” from the movie Witness, and it’s one of the most perfect bits of set-piece scoring I know.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    This (the article more than the music) requires a response.
    GOOD stuff.

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