Too friggin’ early….

In the Syracuse apartment complex where we lived last winter, when it snowed the snow-blower guys would be out in force at five in the morning, which was a bit of an impediment to sleeping, since our bedroom window overlooked the front walk. Well, now that we’re back in Buffalo, our window doesn’t overlook our front walk, but it does overlook the front walk of the next building over. However, the news isn’t all bad — the guys here do their blowing around six. Oh well.

(Even worse is that I can’t even make coffee yet, since I’m the only one up and I’m one of those anal coffee lovers who grinds the beans fresh each time out. I could have tea, I suppose, but I’ve never found tea to be much of a “waking” beverage.)

So, I like it when I get up really early, start noodling around Blogistan, and find funny stuff:

:: Some folks have decided to wage a stealth war on….a font. I can’t say I’d given it much thought, but I actually don’t like that font, come to think of it. I have something like 500 fonts on this machine, and I use about six of them. (via Angie McKaig)

:: Beavis lives. No, really. (via Dead Parrot Society)

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