Toys from the FUTURE!!!

This Retrospace photo really takes me back. The one toy I remember not owning from childhood that to this day I still kinda-sorta want is the Big Trak, the rover-vehicle thing in the upper left corner. See that keypad on the back? You used that to load a program of movements, and then the Big Trak would take off, executing the turns you programmed. And it made cool laser noises, too. I always loved the cut of that thing’s jib.

And that kid in the lower right, sitting in that seat-thing? I didn’t have the seat-thing, but I had the spaceman helmet and air tank that he’s wearing. Cool stuff for a budding space dude. Zap! Pow!

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2 Responses to Toys from the FUTURE!!!

  1. Kal says:

    In the left corner is the fabulous ROM SPACEKNIGHT – a fully electronic toy that spawned a comic book that lasted longer than the toy did. He's one of my Holy Grail pieces.

    The kid on the sled is going to die if he tries to toboggan even once. As a hill kid I know that just don't look safe.

  2. jason says:

    Ahem. Not to brag or anything, but I still own my Big Trak. And the optional dump-truck attachment. Awesome toy.

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