Two days of writing….

The tale is in the numbers. For perspective: I count anything over 1000 words in a day as a really good day.



I feel like I’ve finally cracked the nut that is the plot of Forgotten Stars V. This one has been giving me fits for several months now, and I’ve rewritten the same four chapters at least three times now, with two of those rewrites being from scratch. I’m not sure if this means I need to start being an outliner, or what. I just want to get this draft done.

I’m also kicking myself for having decided to write a nine-book series, because even though I’m in the back half of the series now, it’s just getting harder and harder.


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  1. Roger says:

    there’s some cliche about the reach exceeding your grasp as a good thing. I never thought that was true, meself. but good luck

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