Two Days Out!

Hey Ma! It’s fulla dem book thangs!


Well folks, we’re two days out from the Official Release of Stardancer. Talk about your long, strange trips.

If you’re wondering if the book is any good at all, well, I’m likely a tad biased on that subject. But two of my beta-readers weighed in on their blogs recently, here and here. Both are intelligent, discerning fellows whose tastes do tend to overlap with mine with some regularity, but we also have enough areas of disagreement that I knew getting these gentlemen on board was no sure thing.

Meanwhile, the work continues as I am now writing the first draft for The Song of Forgotten Stars, Book III (the partial actual title). Just last night my Muse dropped by for a chat — meaning, he pulled up in his crappy car and chucked an idea out the window at me, along with the trash from his recent sojourn to Arby’s — so things are proceeding apace there, as well. The adventure continues!

Don’t forget “Kaboom!” and “Splat!”

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