Unidentified Earth #63

Here we go! Last week’s UI 62 is as yet Unidentified, with one erroneous, but astute, guess. We’re looking at a place that holds a world record in that entry. UI 61 was identified, once we reached the “hint” stage, as Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town that no longer exists because the coal mines underground beneath the town caught fire years ago and have rendered the entire town unfit for human habitation. We actually drove through Centralia years ago, my family and I; it lay on one route we would occasionally take between WNY and the Philadelphia area where my grandmother and aunt lived at the time. The town was dying even then, and it was surreal to see smoke venting from pipes stuck in the ground in an attempt to allow the gases below to escape.

UI 58 was also finally pegged as Mt. Sunday in New Zealand, which was the site of the Edoras set for The Lord of the Rings. So, I believe that makes us up-to-date. Time for the new puzzler!

Where are we? Rot-13 your guesses, please!

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2 Responses to Unidentified Earth #63

  1. LC Scotty says:

    Pncr Pnaireny? Qvq fbzrbar jngpu Ncbyyb 13 guvf jrrxraq? V xabj V qvq…

  2. Dave Pogorzala says:

    Gung’f bar bs gur Fcnpr Fuhggyr penjyref fvggvat ba bar bs gur ebnqjnlf yrnqvat hc gb n fuhggyr ynhapu cnq ng Xraarql Fcnpr Prager.

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