Unidentified Earth 9

OK, we missed an installment last week, but never fear; we’re back and we’re traipsing the globe of Planet Google. But first, I’m shifting the ground rules here a bit: I’m going to deactivate comments on Unidentified Earth posts, so as not to spoil things for people who don’t get the answer in the first eight minutes, like that one guy who keeps shooting them down! (You know who you are!)

Anyhow, answers should be e-mailed to me, and then with each new post, I’ll list the “winners”. (I enclose “winners” in quotation marks because, well, all you win is the cool feeling of having identified something. I’d offer a prize of 10,000 Quatloo’s for each correct guess, but times are tough and a blogger’s got to look for any reason to avoid spending large amounts of Quatloo’s.)

OK? OK. Now for this week’s location:

Where are we? E-mail me with your answers!

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