Visions from the Outer Harbor

Some shots from my photography session down at the Buffalo Outer Harbor this past Sunday:

I like how this one captures land and sea (lake, I should say) disappearing at the same vanishing point. The bird in flight was a happy unplanned element.

Here we see the jetskiers three! I like how their knees and the green trim of their Jetski form arrows pointing in the direction they’re going. I also wanted the lighthouse and the towers for the wind turbines in here as well. Again, the bird–flying low, the opposite direction–is a happy unplanned element.

Grain elevators. The dinosaurs, as it were, of the Great Lakes’ industrial past. I love these hulking old buildings.

More photos from that day, with full-size versions, in this Flickr album.

By the way, I think I am now going to start using HUE as an acronym: Happy Unplanned Element. I think Bob Ross (“There are no mistakes, just happy accidents”) would approve. “Accident” still sounds overly negative in my ears, though. So, a HUE is an element in my photo that I didn’t plan on capturing, either because I didn’t know it was there or because I couldn’t avoid capturing it.

Always look for your HUEs, people!


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