Wallowing in Negativity

SamuraiFrog did this one. A negative quiz! Yay!!!

Foods which disgust the crap out of me: Broccoli’s health benefits, coupled with the fact that it tastes like the essence of Satan distilled into a vomitous weed, offer proof that God has at least a wee bit of perversity inside him.

TV show I loathe: Anything on FOX “News”, particularly Glenn Beck, which I sometimes have to endure at the Y because I’ll get the exercise bike that’s in front of the teevee playing it. The man’s a stupid and deranged lunatic.

Movie I loathe: I could go on for some time on this (and probably have), but for now, let’s just say The Usual Suspects.

Music genres I loathe: I wouldn’t say I “loathe” any particular kind of music; there’s just music that is of little appeal to me. Rap, for example — I have no use for it at all.

Magazine which annoys me: Entertainment Weekly sometimes has some fun content, but its “Hipper than thou” tone and its critics in general make me want to open a vein when I read them. Lisa Schwarzbaum makes me want to vomit, she’s just so twee in her effort to anoint herself as the next Pauline Kael (whose writing never really rang my bell either, to be honest).

Makes me cranky at restaurant: When the server completely disappears when literally all there is left for me to do is pay the check. That bugs the crap out of me.

Makes me cranky in public: It’s pure luck of the draw, of course, but I’m always irritated when I arrive at the place where I’m buying coffee, and all I want is a medium coffee, and I get behind the person who orders the Double Caramel Latte With Extra Foam.

Makes me cranky in general: In Washington, “Bipartisanship” is defined as “Republicans getting what they want no matter what”. Also, gutless Democrats.

Pisses me off at home: For a long time, our apartment building had only three of eight units rented, and it was nice and quiet. Now they’re up to six of eight and it’s noisy and the people downstairs play crappy music and there’s often less hot water when I shower than I would like.

Pisses me off at work: People who assume that my tools are common property and that they therefore have a God-given right to borrow them at will, without even asking. Sometimes they’re mystified when they learn I take them home every weekend.

Pisses me off in general: Ayn Rand fans, Creationists, climate change denialists, and the New England Patriots.

Celebrity I hate: “Hate” is kind of strong, but Kirk Cameron is incredibly irritating.

Music artist I hate: Again, no “hating”, but most of today’s pop music leaves me cold.

I couldn’t care less about: the notion of “fashion”. It’s herd mentality nonsense.

Blogger’s habit that annoys you: Hmmmm…I’m generally happy with the blog, actually.

Feature on your blog you hate: I don’t hate anything about my blog.

Movie star you despise: Despising movie stars seems kind of out there…but I’m not much of a fan of Robert Pattinson.

Politician that you hate: Most, if not all, of the R’s, and some of the D’s.

Beverage you hate: TAB soda. Remember that stuff? It was the broccoli of the pop world!

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3 Responses to Wallowing in Negativity

  1. clay barham says:

    Howard Roark, in the Fountainhead, epitomizes what the earliest American settlers discovered that did not exist in the world at the time. It was the ability for each individual to think, imagine, create, build and change the environment with their own sweat, even disturbing the established and accepted way things were done, and without fear of punishment. That was America, and what set her apart from all other nations, as cited in Save Pebble Droppers & Prosperity at Amazon and claysamerica.com.

  2. Kerry says:

    I'm stealing this for my blog. I'm much happier when I'm negative.

  3. Lord Chlorus says:

    Here's a fix for broccoli: roast it in the oven, don't steam it or boil it. Roasting seems to take care of a huge part of the flavor problem, right off the bat. (Toss, with a little olive oil, slivered garlic, salt and pepper at 400° for 15 minutes.) When done, you can add a couple of tablespoons of Vietnamese fish sauce or just plain soy sauce. You won't even taste the "satanic" broccoli flavor.

    — Dan

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