“Wanna go to Joe’s?” “Ummm…I’m not sure I can get in there.”

A video about a bar called Joe’s Knight Hawk, in Waverly, IA:

This bar is located on a streetcorner very near the campus of Wartburg College. I spent a few nights there while attending that very school. I remember being there and trying to scramble out of the way of a fight that had just broken out; I remember the fine art of sneaking in when I was underage. You had to be 19 to get in, but if you timed it well, you could get in by just glomming onto a large group of people entering. They couldn’t card ’em all, right? I remember playing a few performances with the jazz band in that bar, during which as an underage kid I learned the usefulness of the phrase, “I’m with the band.” And I remember celebrating my roommate’s 19th birthday — or maybe it was his 20th? — and at one point realizing that the girl I was sitting next to was kinda cute. That observation served me well, as six years and some change later I’d marry her.

Long live Joe’s! (I wonder if they ever stopped serving wings with the tips still on? Always bugged me, as a right proper Buffalonian.)

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