We interrupt our serious content for something silly.

Someone called my attention to a quiz the other day: Can you recognize these classic TV stars with their faces covered in pie?

My results weren’t fantastic! A couple are obvious, but several were either process-of-elimination or pure guesswork. Still, it’s a fun exercise! And of course, I feel it necessary to offer up a few additions! Recognize any of these folks through pie-obscured features?







Answers in comments!


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2 Responses to We interrupt our serious content for something silly.

  1. ksedinger says:

    1. Katy Perry, self-applying a pie, from the video for her song “Smile”.
    2. Leonard Nimoy, from the Captain and Tennille variety show in the mid-70s! Apparently this was a recurring feature in which a guest star would close out a bad-joke segment with a self-administered pie.
    3. Natalie Wood, during shooting of the big pie fight from The Great Race.
    4. Frank Sinatra, having been pied by Soupy Sales (left). I’m not sure if Sales got pied in this scene too or if he just got the splatter from the pie delivered into Mr. Sinatra’s face.
    5. From left to right: Suzanne Sommers, Norman Fell, and Joyce DeWitt, from the Three’s Company episode “The Bake-off”, which ends with a giant round-robin in which everybody with a speaking role in the episode gets pied. Right here, Mr. Fell and Ms. DeWitt are reacting to Ms. Sommers having just hit herself with a pie. (The un-pied fellow to Mr. Fell’s left would get clobbered with FIVE pies seconds later.)
    6. Katy Perry, again! This was from her Instagram when she announced a delay on the album featuring the song from Pic Number One!

  2. Roger says:

    6/10 on the quiz, but 0/5 on yours!

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