What day is it?

 So, on Monday I made a post here, invoking the Les Miserables song “One Day More”, as did many of my left-leaning friends on the Internet. And why not! It’s a song that so ably lends itself to a Monday before a major election. In the show, all of Act One is building and building and building to a group of events, and then Act One concludes as the entire company gears up for the big day to come:

Tomorrow we’ll be far away,
Tomorrow is the judgement day;
Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store,
One more dawn,
One more day,
One day more!

Of course, it wasn’t just “one day more”, was it? As I write this it’s looking promising, though everyone on my side of the fence was hoping for more out of this election. There will be time enough to figure out the way forward, but there’s a reason that the first rule of treating injury is “stop the bleeding”. We’ve probably done that. I hope.

What I can say definitively, right now, is that “Three days more!” wasn’t nearly as catchy.

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