What the Painters Hath Wrought!

Remember, we’re moving soon. Into a house that had awful colors. Remember the colors? Here’s a refresher!

Well, we contracted one of them “painter” outfits to make these colors go away, and they have accomplished their mission!


Ahhhh, that’s more like it. In truth, we could have likely done this job ourselves, if not for the scale of it. Every room needed painting, save a single bathroom. As many an Aaron Sorkin character said, “We just don’t have that kind of time.” The shades don’t show perfectly in these quickie photos, but you get the idea. Everything is brighter and airier; light doesn’t get swallowed up in these enormous walls of dark awfulness, and the rooms just feel bigger than they did before.

Meantime, the books continue making their exodus; with luck, I should be able to have them all over there by the end of next week. Bookcases will make the trek through that time (luckily, most of my existing bookcases are the folding kind), and I will be buying some new ones as well. The weeding of the collection continues as well; I have now donated five shopping bags full of books to the library for use in their used book sales.

This is really quite exciting — a fresh start, a seizing of a life we should have had years ago had we not been sent down various detours, some happy and some not. We’ll have room to live, a fire pit to burn things in, a kitchen we can actually cook in, and…a driveway to shovel. Oh well, so it won’t be perfect.

But it’ll be ours.

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4 Responses to What the Painters Hath Wrought!

  1. Lynn says:

    Well, I didn't think the old colors were awful (except maybe the kitchen; ewww) but the new colors are nice too. Classic, calm, soothing.

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    I HATE painting. I've even done it for pay, but still don't enjoy it.

  3. Call me Paul says:

    I liked the before colours better.

  4. Kelly Sedinger says:

    That's nice, Paul. We don't, so we win. But hey, if you want to paint YOUR house in garish shades of Blood Orange, Mustard Yellow, or Light Killing Blue, by all means, knock yourself out! We chose not to live inside a claustrophobic color scheme that matches no furniture built outside of the years 1966 to 1974.

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