When you find something cool, link it!

Because if you wait too long, Lynn will find it and link it first. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

So, here it is: Winston Churchill had a pet parrot, and apparently parrots have quite the lifespan, because Churchill’s is still talking. And what’s he saying?

“F*** the Nazis!”

I guess this pretty much guarantees that no future President will ever own a parrot. Imagine if Nixon had owned one:

“It’s the damndest thing,” said the curator of the Nixon library and unofficial caretaker for Tiddlywinks, the parrot who sat at the side of the 37th President for much of his time in office. “He doesn’t talk very often, but when he does, he just rattles on for eighteen-and-a-half minutes or so….”

OK, folks, here’s a suggestion for a comment thread: if any other Presidents had owned parrots, what would they be repeating? (Keep it clean, you folks imagining a Bill Clinton-owned parrot!)

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