Where we’re going

Here’s an interesting little tool that lets you visualize where Americans are moving to. Literally: where they’re moving. According to the site, 10,000,000 Americans moved from one county to another in 2008. This tool lets you visualize the destinations. Red lines indicate outward movement, black ones indicate inward movement.

So, of course, I checked Buffalo. And man, is it depressing. Look at this:

By contrast, I also looked at a place that seems to attract a whole lot of former Buffalonians. Here’s Charlotte, NC:

Of course, no one ’round these parts needs to be told that nobody wants to move here, but seeing it laid out so bare is a hell of a downer.

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One Response to Where we’re going

  1. SK Waller says:

    Wow, that map is really interesting to play around with. Looks like my home state of California is losing a lot of people. Thanks!

    Did you click Detroit? Amazing!

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