Words, and a bird

After a long period–more than a year!–in which I have been mainly focused on editing drafts of various manuscripts, I am finally back to actually drafting one. It’s Book Two of Seaflame!, which you may remember by its old not-actual-title of The Adventures of Lighthouse Boy. This one is likely to take most of the rest of the year to draft, because this one is my Alexandre Dumas-inspired doorstop of an epic fantasy (with no magic at all, because I’m weird).

More on that another time, but for now, here’s a photo I took a couple weeks ago while walking The Dee-oh-gee at Chestnut Ridge Park. I saw a big crow sitting in a nearby tree, and I went to take his picture, hoping it would turn out. Instead he took wing just as I tapped the shutter release, and…this.

Crow #ChestnutRidge #wny #orchardpark #spring #nature #hiking #trees #bird #crow

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