Writing update

So, how’s the writing been going of late? Well, it’s not been terribly productive.

I continue sending queries out for Princesses In SPACE!!! (not the actual title). I have already received one rejection, so we’ll see how things go from here. I’ll query everybody and their brother, before I’ll give up…and heck, by that time, maybe enough time will have elapsed that I’ll just start querying them all again, with a different letter. Who knows. If worse comes to worse, I will self-publish, because one way or another, this book is getting out there. But I’d rather it be in the ‘usual’ way, you know?

As for newer work — I let my NaNoWriMo project go for over a month after November, as I returned to final work on Princesses and then to its query materials. I let it go too long, as a matter of fact, and thus have found myself struggling to get back into that one. So there’s a lesson learned: I’ll lower the quota if I have to, but I will not stop work on a project entirely, unless I feel that it’s just not working and needs more time to ferment in my brain. That’s what I did with The Adventures of Lighthouse Boy (not the actual title), which started out really nicely but then felt like it was bogging down into a cycle of ‘walk somewhere, introduce new character, walk someplace else, introduce another new character, lather rinse repeat’. I really want to get a draft of Deliverance, eh? (not the actual title) done, because Princesses II is starting to take shape in my head at a startling speed. I need to get back to that world, if I’m to get all nine books written before I’m either ninety or dead. (Yes, nine books. That’s how long I envision that series. Unless I get sick of it after six and just say, “That’s all I ever planned on writing.” Like George Lucas totally did not do!)

So that’s where things are right now: Princesses is still a book-in-waiting. Deliverance, eh? is the draft-at-hand. Lighthouse Boy is percolating on the back burner, and Princesses II: Princess Harder (not the actual title) is in the prep stage.

For a guy who isn’t getting paid for any of this shit yet, I sure am busy!

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