Writing! Writing! Writing!

Finished one manuscript? Then start the next one! #AmWriting

Behold the first word of the new Work-In-Progress, whose official Not Actual Title is…GhostCop!

Yes, I’m shifting genres and trying a supernatural thriller. No science fiction, no spaceships, no Princesses…just a normal Earth city, and the goings-on that happen there. I’m not sure what my word-count goal is for this book, but right now, I’m thinking it’ll be shorter than either of the two Princesses books. Maybe 120,000 words, but as I said, I’m not sure. I may not even set a goal on this one.

And no, it’s not about a cop who’s a ghost. Nor is it about a ghost who’s a cop. What is it about, then?


(In other writing news, nothing new on the query front at all…but I’m sending a new wave of ’em out this weekend. And also, I had the very odd experience of dreaming about writing the other night. I almost never remember my dreams, so for all I know I dream about writing all the time, but this one was quite vivid. I dreamed that I said “Screw it!” and dove right back into editing Princesses II. What was weird is that I remember, in my dream, reading scenes that aren’t in the book. Not that they should be, because they didn’t make sense, but still…dreaming about it was very surreal. I take that as confirmation that my general strategy of allowing the book to fade in my consciousness for a few months is a good one.)

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  1. Earl says:

    I wonder about those writers deemed " prolific" . Some create so much work I wonder when they edit. Do they edit right away? How can one do that unless they are extremely confident which can lead to debilitating egotism. Maybe they are just writing the same thing over and over.

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