Yeah, I still watch “ER”. Got a problem with that?!

On the off chance that any of my readers watch ER: Are you, like me, watching every moment of the new-and-improved, moderately happy, “putting her life together and seeking new challenges” version of Abby (Maura Tierney) and waiting for Sally Field to walk in and ruin everything?

And in today’s embarrassing admission….I watched an entire episode of that Donald Trump show, The Apprentice or The Accomplice or Survivor: Manhattan or whatever they’re calling it. It was a mildly-interesting reminder of just why people under 30 who have achieved some business success tend to be the most obnoxious and/or downright contemptible people on the planet. And I just loved that one guy, the team-leader dude, who, having been assigned to supervise the creation of an ad campaign, decided not to meet with the client. Oy!

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