Yes, Welsh mythology and Star Wars toys TOTALLY go together!

So, for Christmas my sister gave me a really cool framed poster from Wales, depicting the country’s map by the rich tapestry of its mythology. Last week I hung it on the wall.

I also put a small shelf I’d bought on the wall. I bought the shelf for the displaying of a bunch of my Star Wars spaceships.

I put them on the same wall, and it is awesome.

It's MY personal library and if I want a shelf of Star Wars ships right below my framed poster of Welsh mythology, that's what I'm gonna have! #starwars #poster #art #mabinogion

You might think that Welsh myth and Star Wars ships don’t really go together, but it’s my library and I say, they do.

Aren't they pretty! #starwars #SpaceshipsAreAwesome

Mabinogion poster. This was a Christmas gift from my sister. Hung it today! #mabinogion #poster #art #mythology

Oh, and here’s a cool detail: a part of the poster depicts King Arawn at the hunt with his hounds. Check it out: they’re greyhounds!

Detail from my Mabinogion poster: King Arawn hunting. His hunting hounds are greyhounds! #squeee #greyhound #mabinogion #poster

This led me to look up greyhounds as hunting dogs, which it turns out, they originally were…and that led me to introduce a new character to The Adventures of Lighthouse Boy. This is the first time I have ever directly based a character in a story of mine on someone I know in real life. So, if ever I get this enormous tome of a novel finished, you’ll get to read (at least in part) the adventures of Storm, the hunter-greyhound of Clan Talonhearth! Based on Cane!

Forgot to post this pic of the dee-oh-gee earlier. #Cane #DogsOfInstagram #greyhound

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