Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

As I write this, I am scrambling to get all of these posts written and scheduled before we take flight; as you read this, we are traveling and (hopefully) having a great time in our tropical destination. So, that’s my way of saying that we’re now at the part of the program where this feature will mostly be repeats of old favorites of mine, and commentary will be…less.

That said, here is the original version of one of my favorite Christmas albums: The Many Moods of Christmas, with Robert Shaw conducting the RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra and the Robert Shaw Chorale. When I say this is the original version of a favorite album, I am referring to the fact that Shaw and his chorale recorded this music twice: first with this album in the 1960s, and then later again, with the Atlanta Symphony, in the 1980s. This later recording is the one I own on CD someplace, but this is the original.

And they’re both great!

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