Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

One week to the big day! Wow! It’s coming, folks!

This may be the last “new thing to me” that I post for this year; usually as Christmas gets very near, I start posting all of my old favorites, including some long-form stuff and entire albums. A friend posted this today on Facebook, wondering why it never got any actual traction; I honestly can’t say, since I’d never heard it before today (unless the album it’s from happened to be in my parents’ collection when I was a kid; I remember at least a few albums by this artist in those record stacks). It’s a piece by Henry Mancini, called “Carol for Another Christmas”.

I just looked the piece up, and it turns out it comes from a teevee movie from 1964 called A Carol for Another Christmas. It was a modernized version of A Christmas Carol, and apparently it wasn’t very well received, so it basically disappeared entirely, never airing again until a cable revival in 2012. Oddly, by this time the rights to Mancini’s music were in flux, so even then the film couldn’t be aired with its original music!

Anyway, this is a lovely theme, quite Christmasy. And if you want to hear the entire album, here’s a playlist you can cue up.

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