Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

Well, as I write this, it’s actually the 22nd and all of The 716 is going nuts in advance of both Christmas and what is at this point promising to be a winter storm for the ages. As you’re reading this, I hope I have power–and that you do, too! I’m obviously scheduling this in advance, for the very obvious reasons. This storm is sounding like something I’ve never seen before, so…well, I’m sure I’ll end up writing about it sooner or later. Hopefully sooner…and also hopefully soon we’re able to look back on it as a thing that happened as we move on.

Anyway, I post this album most years, one version or another. The original album came out in the 1960s, but then Robert Shaw recorded a revised version of the same material in the 1990s. Both are classics…and you know what? Here are both versions!


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