Your Daily Dose of Christmas

It’s December, so here we go. This year things feel markedly different. I suppose there’s only one way to avoid having to celebrate a first Christmas without your mother, and…well, I’m not signing up for that.

But still.

I’ve always featured this particular carol, all by itself, in a single post at some point. This year, it’s leading off, because it was her favorite Christmas carol. I hope you’re somewhere that you can hear these, Mom.

I hope.


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One Response to Your Daily Dose of Christmas

  1. Lee McAulay says:

    Losing a parent shakes the world. Even years later, I still think “it’s been a while since my mother called; I wonder if she’s okay?” – and I remember. And I also remember the charming Ancient Egyptian belief that one does not die if someone still speaks one’s name, and whisper a greeting.

    Particularly enjoyed the lute (?) version, thank you for sharing this. Will there be anything on the hammer dulcimer in days to come?

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