Your Daily Dose of Christmas

Is there any mode of transportation that lends itself to the magic and mystery of Christmas better than the train? If there is, I don’t know what it is. Nobody gets wistful about the Christmas Airplane. The closest competitor is undoubtedly the sleigh, but even that’s pretty specific. Nobody gets misty-eyed as they contemplate the Christmas Hay Wagon.

Here’s some train stuff. First, a compilation of Christmas trains!

A specific train here: the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train from last year. This looks like quite the production.

Chicago also gets in on the act, with a special train on its famous El converted to Holiday duty:

Want to feel like you’re on a train when you’re nowhere near one? Here’s some ambience for you!

Or this:

I’m a big fan of ambience videos on YouTube. I often have one playing in my workplace.

And finally, some actual music, because the Daily Dose is still a music feature! Here’s an annual favorite of mine, a suite from Alan Silvestri’s score to The Polar Express, a movie that I like a great deal.


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